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A posture from Bharatnatyam....India is a place of various cultures. Wedding is one of the grandest ceremonies in India. The wedding tradition varies across caste, region, religion etc. Though the wedding rituals and the design of wedding costumes vary along these factors, the main theme remains the same. With all the rituals and customs, brides mostly wear Indian wedding sarees (or sari) at the wedding.

If you are looking forward to a classic Indian style wedding, you can start planning from your clothes. As there are many parts of the full wedding programs, you need several costumes ready for both bride and bridegroom. Pre wedding programs are mehendi (where henna is applies on the bride’s hand), turmeric program (where turmeric is applied on both bride and bridegroom), and then comes the wedding. These programs may vary along those factors. Mainly grooms wears sherwani, kurta payjama, and turban in these programs. Brides mostly wear saree or lehenga. There are various kinds of Indian wedding sarees, with different designs and textures. Various kind of silk sarees are popular for wedding. For mehendi you can choose cotton sarees like Jamdani. For wedding, sarees like Katan, Banarasi, Gadwal, Kanchipuram, Paithani sarees are famous.

Now a day, sarees of semitransparent tissue or georgette clothes are getting famous. There can be various designs over these cloth types. You can choose from simple fabric work, designer woven and embroidered with metallic materials or golden threads. These sarees can be found in different shops of different region of India. Some sarees also get imported, so you can find them worldwide. The price of saree varies with its quality and design. There are many online shops where you can order your Indian wedding sarees.

The traditional color of Indian wedding saree is red. Mainly Hindus and Muslims prefer this red color for their wedding. Though Christians can wear a white saree or gown. Now brides in India are wearing different colors at their wedding. Blue, green, golden, red and green mixed, and other colors are now getting applied in Indian wedding sarees.

Many accessories are also needed to prepare a bride in Indian wedding style. Indian brides prefer to wear gold jewelry. Diamond is also getting popular now. There are many traditional and modern designs in gold jewelries. You can choose yours from beaded stoned and many other types. The design of these also varies in different regions. In wedding, Indian brides wear jewelry from top to bottom. You can wear necklace, earrings, anklets, jewelry for waist, forehead and head top, finger-ring, bangles etc.

The whole Indian wedding ceremony is a long traditional program. Bride and bridegroom often get exhausted. You have to make so many plans before you go through all these programs. But this can be really romantic. And the bride will look prettiest in her Indian wedding sarees. According to Hindu wedding vow, you promise each other to be together in every step for seven lives. There are also some small fun rituals that go along with the wedding program. With all these, you can promise your loved one to be with him/her forever


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  3. detail description along with the image of wedding saree is excellent.

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