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invitationThere are few things in one’s life that is as important as when two people finally become one through marriage. The day when a man swears his undying loyalty to the woman who he has chosen to be with for the rest of his life and when a woman gives all of herself to the man she has dreamed of all her life. Truly, there is nothing as beautiful or as momentous as a wedding and for the couple, it will be a memory cherished for the rest of their lives.

But though many couples strive to make their weddings as memorable as possible, there are relatively few weddings that can truly be called “unique”. To make a wedding unique and memorable can be quite challenging as all weddings and their traditions tend to be similar and to afford a grand wedding in some great cathedral may prove to be too much for one’s budget. But it is still possible to make one’s wedding standout and still manage to be a strong memory that is ingrained deep within the mind, body and soul of one’s married life.

Unique wedding invitations can help make their weddings more intriguing, exotic and all the more memorable. For Muslims who wish for an Indian themed wedding; an invitation card patterned with star and moon symbols as well as paisley, metallic and diamante designs and features the name of the couple in gilded lettering on the front of the invitation. As it is with other wedding invitations, Muslim invitation cards wish the groom a long and happy married life, prosperity and spiritual progress. It will also the exact date, time and location of the wedding for the recipient.

For Hindus seeking to marry in the old traditions of India, wedding invitations will feature symbols of Ganesh, Kalish or Om, deities who are believed to play large roles in one’s married life and Hindu religion in general. Paisley patterns for invitations are also favored over most and in the Middle East it is often known as Mankolam or Boteh Begheh. Like all invitations aimed at most Asian religions, metallic paper and gilding are particularly prized over most others because it represents prosperity and longevity for many Asians and their beliefs.

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