"A tropical setting to have your destination Indian wedding"

All inclusive resort accommodations for 100 or 1000


We are 1cruise.com Inc.

Don’t let the name fool you.  We have several specialties.  We found that people who like cruises tend to like all inclusives as well, and vice versa.  By chance we found that some of our favorite resorts worked well for Indian weddings. We have been to most resorts we sell, and we are regulars at several resorts in Cancun and Playa del Carmen.

Wedding Planning

When planning a destination wedding, we share the wedding planning duties with a wedding planner at the resort.  We take care of most things that can be done in advance.  A lot depends on the wishes of the family.  Indian weddings are quite a bit different than traditional western weddings simply due to the length of time and the various activities.

Travel Planning

Whenever you are bringing together hundreds of people from different countries for a wedding,  there are always challenges.  When we started finding it difficult to bring wedding guests from certain countries into the United States after 9/11 we started looking the Caribbean and Mexico.  As major tourist destinations, they are often more accommodating than other areas if the world.